“Wired For Success”
For Immediate Release

Proving that Ryft Industries is once again at the vanguard of technological advancement, we are proud to introduce the SmartCable—a revolutionary leap in the world of electronics.

Last year, 58% of all reported heavy machinery malfunctions were due to internal wiring issues. Recently, NuGen’s Heavy Exo-Loaders and SteelBreeze’s HL-21 Earth-Movers suffered from widespread system instability and recalls because of inadequate wiring. In addition to repair costs, the on-site failure of these units have led to project delays, missed deadlines, and suspended contracts. It is estimated that $33.4 billion in revenue was lost last month, in Nu Metropol alone, due to heavy machinery failure.

Ryft Industries’ latest innovation, the SmartCable, will forever change the world of construction machinery. Utilizing nanite technology with a combination of monomolecular wire, carbon microntubes, and advanced nanomotors, SmartCables are able to self-diagnose and autonomously function within the machine, and without human interaction.

Our first product to incorporate the SmartCable is the ATUHM (All-Terrain Universal Heavy Machine). There are over 28,500 SmartCables inside the ATUHM, each managed by its core A.I. processor—the Sonet Intelligence Drive (SID).

Under the supervision of SID, each SmartCable effectively functions as an individual appendage—capable of its own mobility. Loose SmartCables will automatically retighten. Damaged ones will disengage and functional spare cables will independently move to take their place. Following internalized self-diagnostic tools, SmartCables will shift and connect to alternate ports for optimum performance, while others reroute power based on the needs of specific directives. Operating with SID’s guidance, SmartCables constantly function while the ATUHM is active, ensuring that productivity of the unit never drops below maximum efficiency.

Our competitors claim to offer the bleeding-edge in “next-gen” heavy machinery and boast they “see the future of construction.” At Ryft Industries, we are creating the future of construction.

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Tanabata Usagi.