“The Future of Construction is ATUHM”
For Immediate Release

For years, Ryft Industries has been at the forefront of construction-based technology and design solutions. Today we are pleased to announce our latest achievement, destined to revolutionize the construction industry.

We are proud to unveil the ATUHM (All-Terrain Universal Heavy Machine)—the culmination of nine years of engineering and innovation. The era of outdated construction vehicles and Heavy EXO-Loaders is over. ATUHM pushes new boundaries, effortlessly managing tasks that would take nearly a dozen separate vehicles to accomplish.

ATUHM functions as an excavator, backhoe, bulldozer, grader, trencher, loader, crane, paver, compactor, feller buncher, and pile driver. Incorporating an advanced modular design, capable of substituting various attachments, ATUHM can perform heavy lifting, demolition, dredging, soil excavation, heavy loading, rock/tree removal, etc with ease.

While ATUHM can be operated manually, an advanced active-learning A.I. (SID—Sonet Intelligence Drive) has been incorporated into its core processor. When functioning on “Auto-Mode” ATUHM can perform without the need of a human operator, vigilantly following a near-infinite variety of pre-programmed orders. By linking to the Net, even when inactive, ATUHM continually expands its cognitive abilities, always striving to improve performance and efficiency beyond optimal parameters.

With Ryft Industries’ ATUHM, the future is already built.

[Please see our attachment for more detailed specifications]

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Tanabata Usagi.