Pallad City Police Department—Case Files

[File #6745-A3]
Service android malfunction at Grendales. Electrical storm believed to be the cause of A.I. corruption. Possible defect in charging station was noted. Android was a decommissioned combat model.

[File #6930-F1]
TOTO Unit [MK-III Serial #093847329] escaped transport while being shipped to manufacturer for decommission. Did not respond to remote deactivation code. A.I. was possibly corrupted due to lack of maintenance and known cerebral-core issues. Request was made to have the TOTO unit sent to Cyber Crime Division for further analysis. Request is pending.
Note: I want Cherie to look into this. – Madison Wynter

[File #7103-D5]
AROS tank intercepted on Deevox Highway. The tank’s A.I. was said to have gone ‘rogue’ after Net-link. Syren Industries claimed possession of the tank before any police analysis could be conducted. Syren cited legal protection due to “confidential corporate assets.” No further investigation is allowed.
Note: This is bullshit. That tank’s A.I. should have been examined by the Cyber Crime Division and our tech analysts. Megacorps should not be above the law! – Madison Wynter

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Tanabata Usagi.