Pallad City Police Department – Dispatch Report
Audio Transcript [Recorded 10 Minutes Ago]

VICTOR HARDIMAN: Dispatcher, what happened? I was cut off from Officer Wynter a few minutes ago. Was it a problem with the signal?

SERA WHITE: Uh, I don’t know—I’m not seeing any signs of transmission interference on this end.

VH: I assumed as much. Where’s Interceptor Zero Three now? I want that vehicle remotely deactivated.

SW: Um, well, let me see… [Pause] Okay, according to the GPS, it looks like Interceptor Zero Three’s already reached the designated coordinates—they’re at the construction site in the Berkel District. The car’s parked, so…do you still want me to deactivate it?

VH: Forget it—send two more patrols over there as soon as possible!

SW: But, um, well…we just received four more emergency calls from the Lago, Ardus, and Alka Districts. We don’t have any available patrols at the moment.


SW: Sir, are you still there? Uh, hello…? Chief Hardiman?

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Tanabata Usagi.