Pallad City Police Department // Central Database
Officer Login: Madison Wynter

Case Reports

[File #7899-B1] Case Status: CLOSED
Evidence of multiple murders on Volkan Island, perpetrated by Dr. Beverly Hastings. Witnessed acts of illegal genetic/biological experimentation. Possible megacorporation coverup.
Note: I don’t care what CSI claims. There wasn’t an accidental chemical explosion, we were not exposed to Xlycon 14 gas, and I sure as hell didn’t imagine the whole thing! This case needs to be reopened! – Madison Wynter

[File #6930-F1] Case Status: CLOSED
TOTO Unit [MK-III Serial #093847329] escaped transport while being shipped to manufacturer for decommission. Did not respond to remote deactivation code. A.I. was possibly corrupted due to lack of maintenance and known cerebral-core issues. TOTO unit’s utanium power core was ruptured upon attempted retrieval. Resulting explosion left very few remains for analysis.

[File #7103-D5] Case Status: CLOSED
AROS tank intercepted on Deevox Highway. The tank’s A.I. was said to have gone ‘rogue’ after Net-link. Syren Industries claimed possession of the tank before any police analysis could be conducted. Syren cited legal protection due to “confidential corporate assets.” No further investigation is allowed.
Note: This is bullshit. That tank’s A.I. should have been examined by the Cyber Crime Division and our tech analysts. Megacorps should not be above the law! – Madison Wynter

[File #7954-A2] Case Status: Open
Syd Novok arrested for possession and attempted distribution of the drug Afterlife. Novok may be able to provide information on his supplier and/or contacts. Requesting to interrogate suspect when he returns from hospital for gunshot wound.

[File #8124-F3] Case Status: Open
ATUHM construction mech reported to have gone berserk, completely overriding manufacturer failsafes. Mech was disabled with A.I. core intact. Sent to Criminal Tech Division for further analysis.
Note: Ryft Industries is already tossing their legal team at the Department in hopes of retrieving the A.I. core before we find out anything. Typical. The TOTO and AROS cases may be linked with this one and that core is the only lead we have—we can’t turn it over to Ryft!

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.