Dr. Hastings’ Personal Notes
Private Journal Entry 187-C

Creating Subject 37 was merely a prelude to the ultimate goal: mass hybridization between aquatic craniate animals and humans. To produce this perfect life form is where the true struggle lies.

Unlike our previous experiments, I gifted Subject 37 with genes from many cartilaginous fish. Among them, I selected the elephant shark, which possesses 154 genes that are nearly identical to those found in humans. Most notable were genetic similarities in their reproductive systems, such as fertilization occurring internally.

Being that Subject 37 is male I have considered creating a female subject for him to mate with. But I fear that mating two proto-hybrids will produce unwanted—potentially disastrous—results. In short, we require a human specimen for “pure” genetic hybridization.

In order to ensure successful reproduction, I need healthy female specimens who will be physically fit and resilient enough to withstand both the rigors of mating with Subject 37, along with carrying the offspring to term. I suppose the process could be partially eased with artificial insemination but, in this particular case, I am in favor of observing every aspect of Subject 37’s natural biological process.

There is no possibility of conducting the next phase on Volkan Island. The misguided “morality” of the people I’m surrounded by would never allow it. I must wait until my relocation to Asrai Base, where Daedin Alacore has promised me actual human specimens. If only I could begin already…

–Beverly Hastings

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.