Memo from Arctica Industries:

We have installed the LN7C-2 liquid nitrogen storage units. Please be aware that LN7C-2 is a modified variation of liquid nitrogen, exclusively supplied by Arctica Industries for use with Class 3 cryonic preservation, cryoconservation, and promession. Please refer to the manual we have supplied on how LN7C-2 differs from basic liquid nitrogen. While most of the properties remain the same, we advise extreme caution, as there are key differences such as fluctuations in BDT (brittle-to-ductile transition), the dielectric constant, expansion ration, and freezing speed (dependent on environmental settings).

In case of accidental storage leakage, oxygen sensors have been installed, along with our ArcOne oxygen filtration system, which will prevent asphyxiation to any personnel in the chamber.

Failure to not follow our explicit safety instructions (see manual) will not fall upon the legal responsibility of Arctica Industries.

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.