Excerpt from Lyle Shiff’s bestselling travelogue, “Destination: Theme Park” published by Valco Press.

I would never advise anyone to enter Pallad City of their own free will. But, if for some unspeakable reason you were to step foot in the city, Fantasy Funland may be the only destination there worth venturing to. Despite the surrounding cesspit, Fantasy Funland is an impressive theme park with no shortage of thrilling rides and attractions. Though it’s a relatively small park, compared to many of the others mentioned in this travelogue, Fantasy Funland succeeds at embracing quality over quantity and striving to have something for everyone. Their weekly fireworks display is a sight that even the most jaded park-goer will marvel at. Children will love the Hanu mascot, teenagers will enjoy the sugar high from all the overpriced junk food, and parents can take solace knowing their kids are in one of the “safer” parts of the city.

“Where your dreams come true,” is a tagline Fantasy Funland has used for years. It’s a memorable slogan, but one that fades away once you exit the park and step back into Pallad City, where only nightmares await…

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.