Officer Database // Medical Evaluation
Patient: Madison Wynter
Police Physician: Raye Belanie, MD

[Examination Forwarded to Chief Hardiman]
Ms. Wynter sustained injury to her left arm while on duty [see Volkan Island case report]. Initially, she had reported limited mobility in her elbow and shoulder. 24 hours after the incident she claimed to have recovered significant movement in both areas [I find this unlikely].

X-rays have revealed that no bones were broken. It appears Ms. Wynter had suffered a soft-tissue contusion, the result of a blunt force injury. While she should have full mobility soon, excess movement can result in pain—something Ms. Wynter seems unconcerned about.

I have suggested rest, ice, compression, and elevation for the arm during her time off. Zenicodone and Metaphine have been prescribed as pain relievers and muscle relaxants. I do not typically prescribe these for this type of injury but, based on Ms. Wynter’s track record and her continued disregard for my advice, she will likely need them.

A follow-up is scheduled in one week.

–Dr. Belanie

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.