Crime Scene Investigation Report #7723-D
Incident Location: Fantasy Funland [theme park]
Investigator: Mari Vetra Madison Wynter

Incident Dates / Reports:
10/23 – Ori Simkin, age 19, is reported missing. Last seen near the Hanu statue at the center of the park at 8:53 PM. Simkin split up with friends to check on waiting times for a ride/attraction. Due to conflicting reports from her friends, it’s unknown which ride/attraction she visited.

10/25 – Dorothy Rohan, age 20, is reported missing. Last seen at the Crash Café around 11:34 AM, while waiting for friends to return from the Turbo Tron. Gina Blask, a waitress at the café, claims Rohan became “antsy” and left to visit an attraction. Blask has no knowledge of which attraction Rohan chose to visit.

11/3 – Aina Elmarit, age 18, is reported missing. Last seen entering the Fright Manor attraction at 4:55 PM. According to park personnel, their surveillance system was under maintenance at the time, leaving a two hour gap between 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM where no footage was recorded. Elmarit was never seen leaving the attraction.

[Wynter’s Notes] Security personnel at Fantasy Funland are currently reviewing footage from various cameras throughout the park. Particular focus is on the park’s entrances/exits to ascertain when—or if—each girl exited the park, and to determine if they were accompanied by anyone. Head of security, Kline Halson, claims that it could take weeks for the park to carefully review all of the footage. Surveillance datalogs were given to the Cyber Crimes Division for a facial recognition NetScan, but no matches were found.

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.