Taken from Fantasy Funland: The Official Guide

Not all Fantasy Funland attractions elicit smiles—some have been designed for shrieks. If you find yourself (mis)fortunate enough to enter Fright Manor, you’re in for the scare of your life! Only the bravest, or foolish, of individuals dare to venture within these hallowed walls, where darkness dwells and evil lies in wait.

The Manor was built with wood taken from an ancient Solandic mansion, rumored to be cursed by vengeful spirits of those brutally tortured and put to death by the insane Baron Furst many centuries ago. Now, brought to Pallad City and erected anew, the Manor is said to still be haunted by those same restless souls—not to mention the Baron himself. Over the years, the Manor has gained a few new ghastly occupants, all of which are eager to “greet” unsuspecting guests.

Walk through the Manor and meet our gruesome cast of ghouls. But enter at your own peril!

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.