Above art by Akari Ajisai

Interested in behind-the-scenes access to exclusive Patreon-only artwork, pin-ups, character designs, sketches, storyboards, script pages, the official series guide, novel excerpts, and much more?

You can get direct access to it all, and more, by supporting Danger Zone One on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/DangerZoneOne

Still on the fence about supporting Danger Zone One via Patreon? Well now there’s more incentives offered than ever before!

Art by Riiko23

Even just supporting the comic at $1 each month can ensure that Danger Zone One continues updating weekly. But at the $3 reward tier, you get an in-depth look at the comic’s production, including exclusive artwork you won’t find anywhere else.

At the monthly $5 Patreon tier you can participate in monthly polls, vote on upcoming stories, and have input on future plots, content, and character designs. This tier also features Q&A sessions.

Are you interested in writing you own comic, short stories, or screenplay? Then, for $10 a month, this is the perfect tier for you. You’ll get monthly writing tutorials focusing on character development, plot devices, generating story ideas,  and much more.

The $50 tier gets you one short story per month (approximately 1,000 words), featuring characters from Danger Zone One. The theme/plot is entirely up to you. The story may or may not be used as canon. NSFW story requests may be permitted, depending on the desired content.

And, lastly, the $80 tier nets you advertising space on the Danger Zone One website, in the form of one vertical banner. Your ad will stay up each month, as long as you remain a patron at this tier.

Reena concept art by Katsu

Currently, the Danger Zone One Patreon is aiming for two goals. The first is $300 per month, which will keep the webcomic going. The second goal is $600 per month. Once this milestone is reached, Danger Zone One will update twice a week (Sundays & Wednesdays) and there will be another additional page (in color!) per month.

But again, even if you’re only able to donate $1 per month–it’s impossible to stress how even just a little can go a long way in helping Danger Zone One along.