The¬†Danger Zone One audio drama is now online for everyone to listen to! You can check out the very first episode, “All Fired Up! The Hottest Case Yet!” right here:

Episode 1: “All Fired Up! The Hottest Case Yet!”

When an arsonist strikes, can Reena and Madison stop him before Pallad City is turned to ash?

Written by Midnight
Editor: Samantha Flowers
Assistant Editor: Daniel-Nanetti-Palacios
Artwork: Karis Coba

Madison Wynter – Samantha Flowers –…
Reena Saffron – Audrey Beralo –
Drezz Vargo – Michael Kovach –
Len Fyzer – Bradley Gareth
Chief Hardiman – Knerrvana
Sera White – Azuruedge
Benson Tyrone – Jack Howarth

Kaylee Cordeiro –
Nitropig –…
Daniel Nanetti-Palacios –
Haley C. McCarthy –
Roy Havenstone –

SFX:, https://tristanlohengrin ,,, VoiceActingAlliance, YouTube