The Danger Zone One audio drama is now online for everyone to listen to! You can check out the very first episode, “All Fired Up! The Hottest Case Yet!” right here:

Episode 1: “All Fired Up! The Hottest Case Yet!”

When an arsonist strikes, can Reena and Madison stop him before Pallad City is turned to ash?

Written by Midnight
Editor: Samantha Flowers
Assistant Editor: Daniel-Nanetti-Palacios
Artwork: Karis Coba

Madison Wynter – Samantha Flowers –…
Reena Saffron – Audrey Beralo –
Drezz Vargo – Michael Kovach –
Len Fyzer – Bradley Gareth
Chief Hardiman – Knerrvana
Sera White – Azuruedge
Benson Tyrone – Jack Howarth

Kaylee Cordeiro –
Nitropig –…
Daniel Nanetti-Palacios –
Haley C. McCarthy –
Roy Havenstone –

SFX:, https://tristanlohengrin ,,, VoiceActingAlliance, YouTube