While Patreon is mostly user-friendly, one of the issues I have with it is when Patrons want to go back and look at older posts. It’s definitely possible to do, but the way Patreon is set up doesn’t make for the most organized format. I usually tag every Patreon post, hoping to alleviate some of the hassle, but I figured I can still do one better.

I’ve added a Patreon Members Archive to this website. Now, Patreon supporters at the $3 tier and above can use the link on the right sidebar (or just click the pic above) and log in to a much easier to use archive here.

Not everything is in the archive quite yet, but think of the archive as a “Best Of” from Patreon. My hope is that this will make things a bit more accessible, especially when it comes to posts from over a year ago. Thus far, I’ve archived a bunch of the pin-ups, concept art, and character sketches. Also, all of the comic scripts are now easier to download, along with cosplay photos, and the layout sketches from each chapter.

As always, I’ll post on Patreon’s site first–and some things will remain on the Patreon site exclusively, such as sketch previews and the pages I post 1-week in advance for Patrons at the $5 tier (the advance pages will start in March). Some of the notes and comments I made about the earlier sketches, concept art, etc will also remain on Patreon, but if you’re looking for that sexy Reena “Summer” pin-up and don’t want to slog through a bunch of Patreon tags, you can now find it, and more, easily right on this site! (And if you hate this archive format–no worries, nothing is getting removed from Patreon.)

TL;DR — The Danger Zone One website now has an organized archive for Patreon supporters to revisit older content I posted, which was kind of a hassle to track down on Patreon’s site. New content will still go on Patreon first.