Update time! It’s 2018 and Danger Zone One is off to a great start with new content. We have the first episode of our audio drama finished and available for all to hear, there’s a short animation by Hinca Producciones currently online, and Kitty Honey has portrayed Reena with some truly fantastic cosplay. All this and it’s only February!

Of course, let’s not forget the webcomic itself, which continues to update every Sunday. (I’m happy to say that we’ve never missed a Sunday deadline yet since we started back in June 2016!)

As always, Danger Zone One can very much use any and all support on Patreon. Any amount, even $1 per month, helps offset the cost of paying for the artwork. Higher tiers at $3 and above have some nice incentives, featuring concept art, pin-ups, layout sketches, and more. As for those who can’t spare anything, no worries. Spreading the word on Twitter, Facebook, and anywhere on social media is a monumental help in itself. Also, voting for Danger Zone One¬†on Top Webcomics every week is extremely beneficial (higher rankings help the comic get more exposure). Even updating the Danger Zone One TV Tropes page can be helpful. And commenting on the weekly pages is endlessly appreciated–it’s always great to know people are reading the comic, and it’s fun reading your comments as well!

Getting back to Patreon briefly, I did want to mention that I’ll be changing some of the tier rewards next month. Unfortunately, the writing tutorial tier will be removed, since I no longer have enough time to write them. On the plus side, there will be more additions to existing tiers. I’ll soon be including process videos–featuring Salaiix’s work on the pages–and I’m considering doing advance pages (Patreons will see next Sunday’s page a week in advance). One of the more significant updates will include a new NSFW tier. This will include NSFW character art and pin-ups (art which will not be seen anywhere else). I’ve been asked about NSFW tiers a few times, so hopefully some of this can provide a much-needed boost to DZO’s Patreon. There will also be a Patreon Members Archive on this website, which will make finding older Patreon-posted content easier to view (this feature should be online within the next week or so).

And the final bit of news is that I’ll be starting a Kickstarter for a print-edition of Danger Zone One, which will collect chapters 1-6 of the comic, along with several Danger Zone Onesies, and nearly 40 additional¬†pages of concept & character artwork. I’m looking at around May for the Kickstarter. If it succeeds, it will be beneficial in paying for the remaining chapters, along with the printing/shipping costs of getting the physical volumes to backers. I already have a printer in mind, one I’ve worked with numerous times in the past, and their work is always top-quality. I’ve been thinking up other great incentives for backers as well, so if there are any suggestions of things people would like to see (t-shirts, pins, posters, etc), just comment below.