From February 9th through March 4th, we’re going to begin posting half a new chapter per update! On March 8th we’ll once again return to our regular two-page per-week schedule. 

One reason for this month’s unusual schedule is that the upcoming four chapters are included in the DZO, Volume 2 print edition — and this accelerated update method will ensure that we catch up to the published volume’s content.

Another major reason: there are so many upcoming DZO stories planned (and ones we’re already working on), that we can now begin some new story arcs without having to wait months to get to them.

These are all the chapters that will be posted between February 9th – March 4th:

-Doggone It 

-Thanks, But No Tanks! (Part 1)

-Thanks, But No Tanks! (Part 2)

-Criminal Cargo

After that, we’ll resume the regular two-page per-week schedule with Building Blitz, an all-new chapter drawn by our phenomenal guest artist, Tanabata Usagi.