This year we’ve launched three new comics, Sailor Justice, The White Wraith, and GunRiot.

Q&As are usually a Patreon exclusive, but since there’s been such a surge of questions about these new comics, I figured It best to answer some of the most asked ones here.

—Will Sailor Justice, The White Wraith, and GunRiot have print editions? 

As of now, no print volumes are scheduled for the new comics. Sailor Justice, The White Wraith, and GunRiot were all planned as one-shots. If they prove popular enough, there’s a very good change each could continue onto a regular series (and then possibly print volumes too!). Unfortunately, due to the expense of doing three comics at the same time, whether we can even finish these one-shots is entirely dependent on if we reach our next Patreon milestone, which we’re still falling short of.

And speaking of which…

—The other comics you’ve announced, will they each have separate Patreons? 

No, it will all be under one Patreon—the same one currently active for Danger Zone One. If you were ever considering supporting Danger Zone One, there’s no better time than now — not only will you get tons of DZO content, but we’re also working on bonus art for these new comics (basically four times the amount of content!). Plus we update our Patreon every day! 

—Are all the comics in the same shared universe as Danger Zone One?

The White Wraith and GunRiot take place in the same universe as Danger Zone One, so some locations/characters will be familiar to DZO readers. 

Sailor Justice is its own story, unrelated to DZO. 

—Any updates on the next Danger Zone One print edition? 

Recently, the main focus has been launching the three new webcomics, but Volume 3 is still a major priority and is currently being worked on. Originally, I wanted to launch a Kickstarter/Indiegogo for it in 2021, however between widespread postal delays and then a paper shortage, I was hesitant to do so. Since the print edition temporarily went on the back burner, the new webcomics have since been monopolizing most of my time.

That said, there will definitely be a Volume 3, hopefully in the very near future! I know a lot of readers want one and I will do my absolute best to make it worth the wait. 

—Which chapters will be in the print edition of DZO, Volume 3?

Chapters 14-18 will be included in the Volume 3 print edition, along with bonus content (Danger Zone Onesies, production sketches, character sheets, etc).