To: FMelbourne@HGS.xop
From: SFlaskk@HGS.xop
Subject: Security System Upgrade?

Should we be thinking about upgrading our security system in the R&D dept? I wasn’t sure if this was a concern but, apparently, it was brought up in a recent board meeting.

Sylvia Flaskk
Budget Manager
Horizon Global Solutions


To: SFlaskk@HGS.xop
From: FMelbourne@HGS.xop
Subject: RE: Security System Upgrade?

We’ve upgraded three months ago and it was a headache for all personnel (some employees are still having issues). At this time, installing another system would be unnecessary and a waste of resources. HGS utilizes one of the most secure systems in the city. I was told our current setup was five years ahead of what’s available on the commercial market and we’ve been consistent with changing the department access codes every morning.

Fiora Melbourne
Head of Security Division
Horizon Global Solutions

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