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Reena’s Journal

October 29th

Wow, my first journal entry in Pallad City! This place’s nothing like Old Metro. Don’t get me wrong, I love Old M, and it’ll always be my home—but Pallad City’s so incredible! I can’t wait to get a chance to really check it out and maybe even do a little shopping…hehe.

Just got to my new apartment a few hours ago and it’s perfect. Now just have to unpack everything. Most of my furniture’s already set up, but I still need to sort out clothes and stuff. Probably should be doing that now instead of writing this journal entry, right? Oh well, I’ll get to it before going to bed (hopefully).

Oh, and the ride getting here? It was unreal! It was my first time on the new hyper rail. Waaay faster than I ever imagined it would be, Haley and Kerrica would’ve loved it—it was almost like an amusement park ride.

Yikes, nearly forgot, I still need to set my Mr. Bearbot alarm clock before bed! Imagine not waking up on time and being late for my first day of work? Geez, I’d be so embarrassed. Though I doubt I’ll get a wink of sleep anyway. I’m so excited! Tomorrow’s the big day. I’m finally going be a real officer, and with the Pallad City police department no less. My dream’s come true! There aren’t words to describe how happy I am right now!


Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Katsu.