Re: Updates
Subj: VX-II power suit spec proposal
Date: October 28th

Mr. Stayroff,

I wanted to extend my approval regarding your work on the recent VX-II proposal. The design upgrades you suggested to offset the suit’s overheating issues are exceptional. In addition, the advancements proposed for the refined targeting system and infrared imaging enhancements were compelling. I have already brought your report to the attention of Linn Davken, Vice President of Product Development, who was equally impressed with your ideas. These findings and your valued suggestions may save us weeks, if not months, in development.

Horizon Global Solutions takes interest in employees who go the extra mile and we appreciate your work as supervisor in our 4-B R&D Division. Rest assured that your exhaustive efforts on this recent proposal will be taken into account during our upcoming quarterly review.

Laya Senti
Top Division Research and Development Executive
Horizon Global Solutions

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