From: JPaisley@HGS.xop
To: LSenti@HGS.xop
Subject: Product Marketing Division; VX-II design


As far as functionality is concerned, I have no issues with the VX-II model. However, I feel we need to completely overhaul the suit’s appearance. The visual aesthetic needs work–I’d like to see the VX-II have a more intimidating design. This was a non-issue on prior models when we were working strictly with government contracts. But now that we’ve expanded our client base with the VX-II, we need to be more aware of how potential clientele want their weapons to be seen on the battlefield. Fifty years ago, Mirai Cybersystems’ T.O.T.O. models were the best selling unmanned units on the market solely due to their threatening appearance. The units were known for being unreliable and, yet, appearance alone made the company billions in yearly revenue.

I know it’s late in the game to be altering the VX-II, and this should have been discussed much earlier in the design stage. That said, major private military companies have recently been contacting Horizon Global Solutions regarding this particular model, along with requests for customized units. Even without us divulging the classified specs, Death Widow, Cauldron Iron, and Raptor Security have already offered substantial bids for exclusive early-access to the VX-II.

I’m aware that redesigning physical elements of the VX-II at this point may impact aspects of the suit’s overall performance. Unfortunately, I see no other possible choice in the matter. As the suit appears now, it honestly wouldn’t frighten a child. I want our PMC’s enemies half a world away to be stricken with fear before the VX-II fires a single round. These alterations will likely delay the suit’s release slightly, and I have taken that into account. And please, do something with that ugly dome-shaped canopy. Can’t we design something more aggressive, maybe resembling a death’s head? And can we add any bladed weapons to the suit? I know I’ve mentioned including them before, but their functionality was called into question by the engineers. That said, the engineers don’t need to market this, I do. Just have them add a high-frequency blade onto the non-Gatling arm. Marketing research shows that mech designs with bladed weaponry are more popular with PMC clientele.

Send the updated designs after they get drafted.

Jale Paisley

Product Marketing Division
Horizon Global Solutions

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