Mayor Neville,

You may want to take a look at the recent report we’ve received about that salt water issue. I’ve included the executive summary of the report, Saltwater Intrusion and Infiltration into the Pallad City Wastewater System, below:

Salt water is entering Pallad City’s combined sewer system that carries flows to the East Point Treatment Plant. During high tides, the salt water enters through leaky gates, overflow weirs, groundwater infiltration, and local sewer connections in the industrial area along the Kurtow waterway.

We estimate that 3 to 6 million gallons of salt water enter the system each day. The salt water is causing severe and premature corrosion of equipment and the piping itself, which extends throughout the network sub-levels across the city. The combined cost for rehabilitating the old pipes/corroded equipment, treating the salt water, and repair/replacement of the outdated gates is estimated to be around 78 million, by our latest figures.”

Mr. Mayor, this report comes direct from Darrin Ceres of the Pallad City Wastewater Treatment Division.

Mindi Burton
Executive Secretary



Thanks for sending the report, but are we sure Mr. Ceres is providing us with an accurate cost estimate? That amount is astronomical. There are much better things to be spending city money on than repairing those pipes, most of which aren’t even being used anymore. Besides, after the Kurtow quake, most of the piping is now so far below ground level, I just don’t see it as a concern. I mean, who’s actually going down to those sub-levels anyway? Aren’t most abandoned? As for any other piping that’s more vital to the city’s wastewater system, can’t we simply patch them up at a reduced cost? All questions worth bringing to Mr. Ceres’s attention.

Mayor Neville


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