To: VHardiman@PCPD.xop
From: BKendal@PCPD.xop
Subject: Halvok 99 firearms

Chief Hardiman:

I’ve been getting complaints from numerous officers regarding the new Halvok 99 model firearm. The concern is that these new models are too heavy and unwieldy (due in part to their significant recoil) and that they’re a risk to use in the line of duty. Personally, I agree, I think they’re unsuitable as a standard issue sidearm. They may have impressive stopping power, but if the trade-in is accuracy and reliability, it’s not worth it. (The manufacturer claims that the 99 has phenomenal accuracy, but I’m not convinced.)

I’ve put in an order request for some of the latest Halvok 98-B models, which are closer to the previously issued Ventok 77 sidearms. Most of our officers had been content with the 77 before this mandatory “upgrade.” I know that with recent budget cuts this request could be problematic, but I strongly believe that this is worth stretching the budget, even if it comes at the cost of other non-vital equipment.

I’ve also had a request from an officer, Madison Wynter, for a modified variant of the Halvok 99 (known as the Halvok 99-X). She’s the only one who seems happy with the changeover from the Ventoks.

Brenton Kendal
Armory Division

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