From: Academy Instructor, Law Enforcement Training Department, Old Metro
To: Whom It May Concern


It gives me immense pleasure to recommend Reena Saffron for employment in any position you have available. In my capacity as a Senior Academy Instructor for the Law Enforcement Training Department of Old Metro, I have had the thoroughly enjoyable opportunity of observing her progression from cadet to graduate. I was quite impressed by Ms. Saffron’s ability to work through a demanding variety of assigned tasks while always maintaining a positive attitude. Though Ms. Saffron’s grades may not rank at the top of her class, nor did she excel in basic firearm training, and while she may have a hard time grasping law enforcement terminology, I believe she possesses everything essential and valued in a police officer.

Central Division’s new “Fast Track Academy Enrollment Program” allows for only three and a half months of training to mold cadets into what will, essentially, be street-ready officers. Yet, despite my short time educating Ms. Saffron, I found that she possesses an innate gift that too often is overlooked, not just in our profession but, perhaps, in the world. She truly cares about people. Time and again, I have seen Ms. Saffron put others before herself and have witnessed a rare selfless nature in her actions that very few possess. In my opinion, that trait is something that supersedes the highest of grades in proficiency exams. Ms. Saffron would make an ideal partner for a seasoned officer, one that can instruct her and help cultivate her skills. I truly believe that Ms. Saffron’s perpetually optimistic attitude will rub off on even the most hardened and cynical law enforcement officer. While I understand that some may dismiss Ms. Saffron’s upbeat personality and hopeful outlook as youthful naivety or a fault that comes with inexperience, I strongly advise against this close-minded perspective.

Be patient with her and I guarantee that Ms. Saffron will blossom into an officer that brings only the highest of honor to the badge. A badge that I am certain she will proudly wear.

Ari Paisley
Senior Police Academy Instructor
Law Enforcement Training Dept., Old Metro

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Katsu.