Re: Funding Request
Subj: Advanced Hand-to-Hand Training

Dear Mr. Levkin; Operations Support Division:

I am making a formal request to appoint a combat instructor to the Pallad City Police Department. With the rising crime rates and everyday hazards of the occupation, I am increasingly concerned that my officers are ill-prepared for hand-to-hand fighting situations. Only a few officers come to mind who I believe would be able to efficiently handle a confrontation requiring advanced physical engagement. The select individuals who I believe are adept at handling such, are ones with prior backgrounds as private military contractors. Unfortunately, most of my officers lack such experience.

Years ago, tactical self-defense courses—including those incorporating various martial arts disciplines—were an integral part of a cadet’s training. However, ever since Central Division implemented the Fast Track Enrollment Program, more officers are arriving without the adequate skills for the job.

Despite recent budget considerations, I feel that the assistance of an experienced combat instructor is necessary for the continued welfare of my officers. Not every situation an officer encounters could, or should, be resolved through a firearm alone. Expanding their skill sets should not have budget concerns attached to it.

Victor Hardiman
Chief of Police, Pallad City Police Department

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Tanabata Usagi.