The following is an interview excerpt from Sports Culture Monthly.
[Article originally published one year ago.]

NEL KEFTON: In all honesty, do you feel the United World Games cheated you out of that gold medal? You’ve certainly made it clear that you didn’t agree with their investigation results, but…

YAKOV TVAR: The UWG always had problem with Galvagrad. They spit on Yakov’s country and look for way to disgrace its people. They are scum.

KEFTON: But what would they gain from falsifying an investigation and claiming you had used the drug, Exilus? And, just for the record, do you still claim to have never taken any performance-enhancing substances?

TVAR: Never. There is no need for them. As for investigation—many countries not happy about Yakov’s gold medal win years ago. They not want to see Galvagrad win weightlifting championship second time. So they create lie, shove it down throat, and public swallow it.

KEFTON: It’s rumored that you’ve lost all your endorsement deals. Is that true?

TVAR: Of course, true. And UWG now try to ban Yakov from future competition. No matter, Galvagrad refuse to take part in corrupt games. Let corrupt countries play together. Yakov does not care. They know they are weak, so they keep strongest man away.

KEFTON: There are also rumors floating around of you being exiled from Galvagrad? Many say Minoff Teslav, a former athlete from your country, who failed to earn any medals at the United World Games a decade ago, had been exiled to Brastya. Any truth to either claim?

TVAR: More lies. More cheap propaganda to smear Galvagrad.

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Tanabata Usagi.