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Arie Skye, Pallad City Post

While Egol has made clear his intent to renovate deteriorated neighborhoods, some are questioning both the methods and what the eventual results could be. Last month a series of NetMail exchanges between Egol and Mayor Neville leaked, outlining an early draft of their urban renewal plan which would forcibly evict low-income tenants in certain districts, leaving them homeless. Numerous buildings, two public schools, and several small, independently-owned businesses are also in the city’s crosshairs, according to the leaked renewal memos. A swift public backlash followed, prompting the Mayor to insist that the leak only revealed “rejected” proposals.

Jesslyn Feiss, founder of the United People’s Foundation, an anti-poverty organization, is skeptical of Egol’s vision for the city. “You only need to look at Egol’s work in Silica and Old Metro to see where, and with whom, his loyalty lies,” said Feiss. “He doesn’t care about the people who inhabit impoverished neighborhoods. All Egol sees is how to clear out the poor and make way for wealthy investors and contractors. The man’s been doing this for the better part of three decades. He hasn’t changed.”

Feiss is not the only one to raise concerns over Egol’s previous renewal projects. The Pallad City Historical Society has expressed worry that unchecked city-wide renewal could destroy buildings that have cultural heritage, while relocating businesses and people, ultimately tearing entire communities apart.

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Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Tanabata Usagi.
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