[90 Minutes Ago]
NetChat Instant Messenger

GilyFlower: I know you think I worry too much, but I’m just not happy with the idea of you living in that area or in that building.

JakSurfer20: It’s fine, mom. It’s really not so bad. The neighbors are okay, and Fay and I are doing well here.

GilyFlower: If you change you mind, your dad and I would LOVE to have you move back to Silica. We haven’t touched your old room and we’re fine if Fay moves in too.

JakSurfer20: Seriously, we’re good, you shouldn’t worry. I appreciate the offer though. Hey, one sec, I hear a lot of noise next door, sounds like the neighbors are having a party or something. Just want to see if everything’s alright, be right back.

Chat Warning – Idle Timeout Imminent

GilyFlower: Jak? It’s been over ten minutes. I’m getting worried. What happened?

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Tanabata Usagi.