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Topic: Ardus District

102 :OodleKing: 11/2 (24:02:13) ID: 9eh65dh9
I’m all for nuking that district. How do people even live in that nasty place?

103 :AbusementPark: 11/2 (24:05:32) ID: 7fh23er8
Nuuuuke it! LOOOL

104 :LIT-Yonso: 11/2 (24:06:21) ID: 2vb58di1
You can knock half those buildings down with a feather. They should pay me to do it. Don’t even need a bulldozer. Save the city a bundle.

105 :ragewormXRT: 11/2 (24:07:28) ID: 6sd36fj4
screw it, i’d rather live in ardus than the kurtow ruins. no contest. not saying either’s good. but kurtow’s a death sentence.

106 :OodleKing: 11/2 (25:12:02) ID: 9eh65dh9
Any wonder why everyone hates Pallad City?

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