[Encrypted NetMail – Dated 1 Week Ago]
To: VHardiman@PCPD.xop
From: BKendal@PCPD.xop
Subject: New Vests…

Chief Hardiman:

We were recently supposed to get a new batch of ballistic vests, but our contract with East Tactical is no longer being honored(?). Instead, we had to order from another supplier and were sent these new RAV vests. I know there’s not much we can do about it now, but these vests are something out of a nightmare. Who would have approved these things??? They’re made with reactive material…basically our officers will be hitting the streets in suicide bomber vests!!! The manufacturer claims that the RAVs are safe, but what officer would be insane enough to wear this?

Below are the specs from the manufacturer, MasterKey Gear, regarding the vests…

Brenton Kendal
Armory Division

RAV (Reactive Armor Vest) Specs
A first for lightweight wearable reactive armor, the RAV offers unprecedented protection to the wearer by employing our patented DSA (dynamic stiffening absorption) material. The outermost layer of the vest is comprised of a reactive element that—upon being struck by any kinetic projectile—will emit a miniature controlled detonation, rendering the incoming projectile harmless while presenting no injury to the wearer. [Yeah, I’ll bet!–Kendal]

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Tanabata Usagi.
Color by Malatrova.