Audio Datalog [Recorded 1 Hour, 24 Minutes Ago]
[Pallad City Police Department—Dispatch Call]

CALLER: Some guy just started shooting here, send some police as fast as possible! It’s the Ardus District, 291 Industrial Avenue—

DISPATCHER: Can you repeat that? Did you say Industrial Avenue?

CALLER: Yeah! 291! Somebody on the top floor of the building is shooting out the window!

DISPATCHER: Ok, is anybody injured?

CALLER: Not that I can see. Not outside the building anyway. I don’t know what’s happening inside. Right now he’s screaming and firing into the air. He’s got a rifle, or machine gun, I don’t know. You need to send some cops down here.

DISPATCHER: Understood, officers are on the way. Can you describe the armed individual?

CALLER: I don’t know, he’s [unintelligible], he’s on the top floor now. White male, white shirt, dark hair. Look, I’m not staying here. Just get some people down here right away.

[End of Call]

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Tanabata Usagi.