[Recorded 12 hours ago]
Interrogation of Yakov Tvar
Interviewing Officer: Madison Wynter
[Transcript Excerpt]

YAKOV TVAR: This make Yakov tired. Already hour of pointless questioning. Where is lawyer?

MADISON WYNTER: Even your lawyer doesn’t give a shit, that’s why he’s not here. Now, who’d you buy the Afterlife from?

YT: Yakov should be in hospital, not interrogation room. Yakov’s body is in much pain. Maybe file assault charge against you, da?

MW: You want to go to the hospital?

YT: Da. And maybe on way there, Yakov reach over and strangle officer by pretty little neck? How about you bring yourself over here and Yakov will show you (inaudible)–

MW: Yeah?

YT: (Inaudible/Shout) Suka! You broke it!

MW: You’ve got nine more. Which finger’s next? Try touching me again, asshole.

YT: (Inaudible/Shout) Khuy tebe!

MW: Down to eight. Where’d you get the Afterlife from? Who’s your dealer?

YT: Der’mo! Okay, okay! Yakov buy from man named Novok!

MW: Novok?

YT: He sell to Yakov many times. Bought from him just last week.

MW: Hm, looks like there’s only one person in the PCPD’s criminal database with that name. Syd Novok. Take a look at this image. Is that him?

YT: It is.

MW: Where can I find him?

YT: Yakov not know! Buy from him several times in Ardus District, near place called Kapel Street. Often buy late at night, but Novok always change time when we meet.

MW: Kapel Street. If you’re lying to me…

YT: Yakov speak truth!

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.