Halvok 99-X (Custom) Firearm Specs

Manufacturer: Accelerated Designs Multinational

Model: Halvok 99-X
(Modified variant of the standard-issue Halvok 99)

Ammunition Type: .475 Caliber
(Enhanced Armor Piercing)

Alternative Ammunition: Flechette and High Explosive

Magazine Capacity: 12 rounds
(Higher capacity magazines available)

Primary Mode: Single Shot

Secondary Mode: 3-Round Burst

Notes: The Halvok 99-X is a limited-issue firearm, available exclusively to law enforcement and military contractors. Less than three hundred of the 99-X model firearms have been produced. The 99-X suffers from high recoil and has been cited by many users as “unwieldy,” despite the model being manufactured with the latest recoil-reduction technology. For raw power, however, the 99-X is an impressive firearm that surpasses both the standard Halvok and Ventok models. All Halvok models feature Smart Target Acquisition (STA) technology.

(Additional note: the 3-round burst feature is exclusive to the 99-X.)

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.