Karin Ivers, Pallad City Post
[Archived Article: Published 4 Years Ago]

Years ago political analysts and military strategists had suggested that a full-scale war between Karzostan and Zardika would be short-lived due to the limited combat capabilities of each country’s armed forces. However, experts now claim that the Karzostan-Zardika conflict may be a long and bloody affair.

In order to augment their own military, both countries have hired the services of various private military contractors, resulting in prolonged combat that has already left major cities decimated. At least five PMCs, including Death Widow, Cauldron Iron, and Voodoo Arms, have been confirmed to be active in the region. The remaining contractors have yet to be identified (as of last year, PMCs are no longer required to wear identifying insignias—a procedure that had been illegal until recent changes in international law).

Last week Karzostani officials claimed that other foreign powers and certain megacorporations have employed their own private contractors to operate within the country’s borders, hoping to influence the conflict in Zardika’s favor. Karzostan, once ignored by most nations, is now a target of interest due to the discovery of valuable Torenium deposits. Rahm Ahdra, the President of Zardika, claims that his country would be willing to cooperate with foreign corporations to help mine the Torenium, but only if Zardika takes control of the land—land which President Ahdra insists rightfully belongs to the Zard people.

Only days ago, Karzostani officials accused Zardika’s military of war crimes, and claimed that several of the private military contractors employed by Zardika have violated the Vankarta Convention.

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.