[Intel Dossier—Archived]
-Operation Sandstorm-

Chimera Squad

Depart from the northwest air base and relocate to the eastern Karzostani border, where you will enter the Zard-occupied city of Rahjeen. Infiltrate Sector 92-RT. Drone surveillance has indicated the presence of a Zardika-sponsored private military contractor in the area [available intel suggests Voodoo Arms is on-site, but this can not be confirmed]. Secure high-value targets [identified in attached intel document] and eliminate any enemy hostiles that you encounter.

Karzostani officials have allowed us air strike privileges and are willing to sacrifice Rahjeen in an effort to rid the border city of further Zard incursion. Available intel claims that all civilians have been evacuated from the sector.

Vacate the area with any high-value targets before scheduled airstrike at 1300 hours.

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.