[Taken from the PCPD “Wanted Persons” database]

Name: [Unknown]
Alias: Psycho Circuit
Age: [Unknown]
Gender: Male

Details: Suspected of being involved in multiple cyber crimes. Believed to have been responsible for the following incidents in Pallad City:

  • Infiltrated Pallad City Police Department databases and altered vital information.
  • Disrupted citywide traffic control systems, leading to multiple accidents and property damage.
  • Diverted air traffic at Pallad City Airport, leading to near collision of two airliners.
  • Interfered with functions of Orbital Elevator, resulting in emergency lockdown procedures.
  • Multiple accounts of electronic bank theft and fraud.
  • Tampered with automated public transportation, including Hyper Rail and AutoBus functionality.
  • Altered public service announcements on various broadcasting devices.
  • Identity theft of high-profile individuals.
  • Cyberextortion.

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Tanabata Usagi.