[Archived three months ago]

Attn: Cyber Crime Division

Over the last several months, the Department has undergone drastic changes and extensive restructuring throughout most of our Divisions. Due to severe budget cuts and updated prioritization guidelines, as outlined by Mayor Hynden Neville, we must further reduce/merge several Divisions to ensure the stability of the Department.

Unfortunately, after reviewing our options, we have concluded that we must eliminate five positions in the Cyber Crime Division, effective next month. This will leave only two active positions in the CCD, which will now also be tasked with additional responsibilities—including preparation of undercover operations with Net-based requirements (creating cover identities, falsifying an operative’s cyber-presence, securing/compiling vital Net-documents, fabricating BID-chip identifications, etc).

Prior CCD responsibilities will also remain in effect, despite the reduced workforce. At this time, the Department will keep the Criminal Technology Division separate, but the CTD will be similarly downsized and may merge with the CCD at a later date.

We have explored several options to make the upcoming changes as seamless as possible. Please accept our appreciation for your contributions during your employment with the Pallad City Police Department.

If any former Cyber Crime Division employees are interested in patrol officer positions, these are available—and we are in desperate need of filling them. Please speak to Lin Tanet at human resources for more information.

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