[Archived four months ago]
Officer Evaluation Report

Officer Name: Aris L’Ceal

Administrative Comments:

Officer L’Ceal has been with the Department for 18 months and has proven herself to be a competent, dependable officer. She often meets and/or exceeds expectations and is a valuable resource to the Department.

L’Ceal carries out her duties as a patrol officer without complaint or issue—rare for an officer who graduated from the Fast Track Program. She is able examine a problem and quickly identify potential solutions with a fresh look and novel perspective. L’Ceal frequently makes sound, fact-based judgements, can be objective in difficult situations, and doesn’t let individual emotion or feeling affect critical decisions.

L’Ceal has a natural rapport with people and does very well at communicating with others. She is a consummate team player and isn’t concerned about who takes credit, just that the task is accomplished. She also has shown effective time management skills in her field duties and filing of case reports.

Case files #5627-A1 and #6103-A3 are stellar examples of L’Ceal’s performance in the field [see Form 281-B for complete documentation].

We could desperately use more officers with the same level of dedication and commitment to duty as Officer L’Ceal.

[Recently, L’Ceal submitted a written request for police transport duty. Based on her record, I believe her request should be considered and, if possible, approved.]

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