Sumter Academy // Student Handbook
Section 1.D — Drug Use

Any student in possession of illegal drugs and/or paraphernalia will be subject to disciplinary action. Possession includes having control, custody, or care of an object or substance, regardless of whether or not the item is (a) on the student’s person or (b) contained in another item belonging to, or under the control of, the student, such as in the student’s clothing, bag, or (c) in a student’s dorm room, locker, desk, or (d) any other location on school property.

Any student who has consumed or used ANY AMOUNT of a controlled substance, drugs, or intoxicants, including alcohol, will be considered to be under the influence.

Any person apprehended selling, distributing or dealing drugs, alcohol, or a controlled substance will be immediately recommended for expulsion.

Controlled substances, as prescribed by a physician, must be stored and administered by the school nurse. A student may not be in possession of more than one dose of an over-the-counter medication.

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