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102 :Haven: 11/04 (02:23:21) ID: 6ee16gn0
Me and my girlfriend took Aphrosia for the first time last night. Holy shit, was it intense! Not gonna lie, though, when you first start feeling it, wasn’t what I expected. We both got so fucking HOT! And not in the hot and heavy kind of way. Seriously thought I had a fever. We were sweating our asses off, my girl starts panicking and for a minute there I was pretty damn worried too. After a while, once we calmed down and went to town, it was more pleasurable and eventually faded. But is that normal? Not sure if I got some bad pills or something.

103 :sloth-noob: 11/04 (02:35:06) ID 1re34yj9
That’s what happens on Aphro, man. It shouldnt be so intense next time. Keep at it.

104 :FullContact29: 11/04 (02:39:28) ID 5ty97nv1
@Haven that “burning passion” phase happens soon after taking the pill and it’s a normal side effect. Feeling hot, the sweats, heart rate up—you always get it to some degree. But like sloth said, shouldn’t be as bad next time. First experience tends to be the most overwhelming, but by the fourth or fifth time it’ll be more bearable. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll still feel it. Strange thing with Aphro too is, early on, it alters your sense of smell. Even if you’re not drinking when you take the pill, I’ve found I usually pick up a scent of alcohol.

105: :Haven: 11/04 (02:44:20) ID: 6ee16gn0
Good to know. I’m def giving it another shot. Aside from that little episode at the start, the experience was amazing. Never heard my girlfriend moan like that before.

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