To: Bunker_Buster@shadownet.xop
From: MJack@shadownet.xop
Subject: Goods?

Payment has been sent for the merchandise. I await arrival, and trust they will achieve the expected results.

Mr. Jack


To: MJack@shadownet.xop
From: Bunker_Buster@shadownet.xop
Subject: RE: Goods?

I stand behind my word, they’ll do exactly as promised. Stuff’s still experimental and already banned in most countries—with those credentials, you know it’s good.

Half a dozen city blocks damage radius, guaranteed. Sure hope you’ll have to try them out, this town could use some Halloween fireworks. The drop off’s this afternoon. Have a blast…


(ArcNet IP masking)

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Katsu.

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