Mayor Neville,

Your itinerary for today appears to a bit more hectic than usual. However, I was able to keep your schedule free all morning, as you like it. But, at noon, you have a meeting with Rifton Tilk from Tilk Industrial, regarding the possibility of them taking over the city’s waste disposal contract.

You have an appointment with Sira Selkirk at 2pm, to discuss the school zone traffic calming project.

An interview with Arie Skye, writer for the Pallad City Post, is booked for 4pm.

And, lastly, at 8pm you’re scheduled to attend the annual Pallad City Halloween Parade, to light the new electronic Jack O’Lantern atop Mercury Tower. You’ll have to leave around 7:30pm via air transport. I have also contacted the police department for that undercover security detail you requested.

After the parade, there’s a private party being held at the prestigious Lunar Ballroom at 10pm. I made sure you were on the guest list. There’s certain to be quite a few influential megacorp CEOs in attendance. You may want to go and mingle for a bit…

Mindi Burton
Executive Secretary

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Katsu.

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