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Think you might know which garish getups you’ll see this All Hallows’ Eve? This year’s trendy Halloween costumes might surprise you. Based on early sales figures, retailer predictions, and a consumer survey conducted by Aura Insights and Analytics, it looks like the more ghoulish Halloween mainstays will reign supreme.

Unlike previous years, pop-culture movies, music, and video game icons have taken a backseat to simpler, straightforward costumes and masks. Expect to see no shortage of witches, zombies, werewolves, mummies, and vampires patrolling the streets on Halloween night. Cobb Costumes, one of largest costume manufacturers in the world, recently released a limited-edition line of retro masks, including a skull, devil, and monster. Due to extremely high demand, many retailers are having difficulty keeping the masks on store shelves.

“Well, based on early pre-order sales figures, we knew there was an interest in our retro series,” said Iza Cobb, head of Cobb Costumes. “But we didn’t expect them to be quite this popular. It seems our consumers are looking for a more classic horror aesthetic this year.”

Other non-horror costumes that have been popular are characters from popular virtual reality games, such as Air Dashers Neo, NetWar, and Mech Strike Alpha. Superheroes continue to be trendy as well, especially Sailor Justice and Cyber-Man.

Traditional pirate costumes have seen a rise in sales, along with anything associated with characters from the popular space pirate film franchise, Galaxy Runner.

But what are some of the most unpopular costumes? If you want to scare up Halloween fun in style—according to the AIA consumer survey—stay away from any princess, ghost, robot, or animal costumes (with the exception of cats). Ranked at the very bottom of this year’s list, the unwelcome title goes to: Viking costumes.

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