Audio Log Transcript
Date: October 31st /// Time: 7:52 PM
Type: NetPhone call
Caller: Mindi Burton
Receiver: (redirected from police dispatch to) Victor Hardiman

Mindi Burton: Chief Hardiman?

Victor Hardiman: I’m here, Ms. Burton.

MB: I’m Mayor Neville’s secretary—we spoke earlier today regarding the mayor’s security detail.

VH: I remember. The dispatcher was just on the line with me, what’s the problem?

MB: It’s approaching eight o’ clock and neither the mayor, nor his personal air transport, arrived at the Halloween parade.

VH: Have you tried contacting the mayor directly?

MB: There hasn’t been any response from his NetPhone. We’ve also lost communication with the aircraft’s pilots.

VH: We haven’t received any reports of a crash, or hijacking. I’ll check in with the officers assigned to him, but I’m confident that nothing’s happened.

MB: I certainly hope you’re right, Chief Hardiman. It would reflect poorly on the PCPD if your officers were to botch up something as simple as getting the mayor to a Halloween parade.

[End of call.]

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Katsu.

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