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Comfort in the Clouds?
That’s just one of the many slogans Skyline Industries has adopted for their new generation of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft. And their latest model, the V-11 SkyCruiser—employing a tiltrotor design—is set to take private air travel by storm. With a reputation for developing some of the safest and most luxurious aircraft available today, Skyline Industries has already secured numerous pre-sales for their upcoming model, and it’s looking like everyone from celebrities to megacorp CEOs want one. But, despite the V-11 SkyCruiser’s other catchy slogan—the value of luxury, without the cost—it’s rumored that the aircraft may still be rather pricey (actual unit cost has yet to be revealed to the general public). Even so, customers know that they’re not just buying a new light business aircraft, they’re receiving the name brand trust of Skyline’s immaculate status as a manufacturer.

We’re still waiting to hear more details about the V-11 SkyCruiser but, judging by early specs, the aircraft can hold 7 to 9 occupants.

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