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Avalonian Red-Eyed Crow

The Avalonian red-eyed crow is a closely related species to the carrion crow. While the plumage, beak, legs and feet of the bird are entirely black, the crow’s distinguishing characteristic is its luminous red eyes.

An eater of carrion, the Avalonian red-eyed crow’s diet also includes insects, earthworms, invertebrates, fruits, grains, seeds, nuts, amphibians, fish, small mammals, scraps, and even household waste. They are known to hunt and co-operate with other crows in order to kill their prey including, in some instances, larger animals such as foxes and wildcats.

Noted as being one of the most aggressive species in the Corvus genus, and due to their highly gregarious nature, the Avalonian red-eyed crow has few natural predators.

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.