[Archived eight months ago]
Officer Evaluation Report

Officer Name: Arlew Gripps

Administrative Comments:

In terms of overall performance, I would describe Gripps as a barely adequate officer—which, in Pallad City, is about the best we can hope for. Gripps is lax in his duties and applies minimal effort to any given task. His case reports arrive late, some of which are incomplete. Many of the cases assigned to him remain open and/or unsolved. He also shows a blatant disregard for police equipment. It’s clear that the only reason Gripps can manage the most basic of duties is due to the impressive efforts of his partner, Jonio Sev.

Of considerable concern are the recent incidents involving inappropriate behavior and conduct unbecoming of an officer. According to the reports, several officers have claimed Gripps made inappropriate and flirtatious remarks. Internal Affairs will be investigating these allegations.

[See Form 271-B for complete document.]

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