The following is an article excerpt from Women’s Wear Magazine.

Rounding out our list of brands that won’t break your bank is Savali, with a slogan that promises “Quality Underwear at an Affordable Price.” According to our poll, 87% of readers claim they found no discernible difference in comfort between Savali underwear and those offered by ultra high-end brands such as Qutie, Callisto, and Pheros. Members of our staff decided to sample several bikini-cut cotton-synthetic styles from each brand and all were in agreement—Savali is no better or worse than the more expensive brands. And here’s the kicker, picking up a 5-pack of bikini-cut panties from Qutie will set you back a whopping twenty-five times more than purchasing a 5-pack from Savali!

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.