[Submitted 23 hours ago]
Undercover Operation Report
Operation: Sumter Private Academy (#9238-BN)
Reporting Officer: Cherie Algrave / Cyber Crime Division

We’ve received confirmation from Sumter Academy and they’re allowing us to insert another officer undercover—the stipulation is that they won’t let anyone else inside as a student, only as a teacher. From an investigation standpoint that’s likely for the best, but Sumter’s administration is demanding that whoever goes undercover is able to meet a very specific set of criteria. Basically, the individual needs to be qualified to teach an advanced high-school level science class (Sumter’s former science teacher is currently on sick leave).

I checked the background files of all available PCPD personnel and found one candidate. Irene Soren works in our Criminal Technology Division (CTD) and her credentials easily over-qualifies her for the Sumter position. Even better, Ms. Soren is a private-contractor, she’s not officially listed as a PCPD employee, and isn’t classified as an officer.

An extremely skilled tech analyst, Ms. Soren was previously employed at several prominent corporations as a high-level consultant. She’s been with the Department going on two years and her work here has been nothing short of amazing.

If Ms. Soren agrees to the assignment, I won’t need to alter her identity or provide a new cover for her. Ms. Soren’s existing credentials are already perfect and won’t raise any eyebrows.

As with Officer Saffron, no one inside Sumter Academy will know Ms. Soren is undercover. This knowledge will strictly remain between the PCPD and Sumter’s top administrators.


Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.