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Undercover Operation: Sumter Private Academy

After the death of Nomi Glazer, officers interviewed over two dozen students at Sumter Academy. Among them, three students reported sightings of an unknown person on school grounds in the days prior to Glazer’s death. Descriptions vary, but the individual was reportedly seen wearing a “strange mask and black robe-like outfit.”

No faculty, staff, or any other students witnessed an individual matching that description. No surveillance footage or evidence of any “persons unknown” could be found either entering or exiting school grounds during/around the time of Glazer’s death.

Glazer’s death by drowning was ruled to be accidental.

Sightings of the masked individual were believed to be hysteria-driven, due to a popular urban legend that had been spreading at Sumter in the weeks preceding Glazer’s death.

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.